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Calvary Baptist Academy

Calvary Baptist Academy serves as an extension of a Christian home in the educating of children for the glory of God. As a ministry of the local church, and in partnership with Christian parents, Calvary Baptist Academy exists to edify children by providing them with a quality, Christ-centered education in a sheltered environment and by preparing them for a life of effective service for Jesus Christ.

The purpose of Calvary Baptist Academy is to produce Christlikeness in every student. Children are taught by Christian teachers the principles of God's Word so that they can be "an example of the believer in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."


The Place for a First-Rate Christian Education

The Gospel of Luke tells us that the child Jesus grew in four ways: intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially. We believe that the mission of a Christian school is to reproduce the same four kinds of growth in every child. Only through balanced growth of the whole person will a child become an adult able to fulfill all his God-given potential.

Intellectual Growth

At the elementary level we use curricula from A Beka Book, noted for giving a thorough grounding in the basics, such as phonics. Our special goal is to make each child a good reader, for two reasons: so that he will be able to read God's Word, and so that throughout life he will be able to enjoy the world of other good books. We continue our developmental reading program through the sixth grade, and we are building a strong library to start children on the journey of reading.


With more than seven decades of combined experience, our secondary teachers are uniquely qualified to build up students who are behind and to challenge gifted students. Dr. Ed Rickard is the author of the original A Beka physics text, as well as other curricula in science and Bible. Mrs. Julie Rickard was for many years the French teacher on A Beka video, although she has spent most of her career as an English teacher.


Physical Growth

Students at all levels enjoy opportunities for good exercise. Every school day for elementary students includes time in the gym or outside on the playground. Besides daily break times, students at the upper levels can participate in athletic teams. Our school competes with other Christian schools in several sports.


Spiritual Growth

We start every day with Bible class, and we set every other class squarely on a Biblical foundation. Wherever possible, we integrate subject matter with the Bible, for we believe that all truth is God's truth.

Each of our teachers looks upon his or her work as a ministry to young people. For each one, the motive is love, the method is to exhibit the character of Christ, and the goal is to nurture in each student a godly wisdom.

An important part of our day is morning chapel. At the upper levels, students take turns leading songs, praying, and giving devotions. They also have many opportunities at other times to exercise gifts in public speaking or music. One reason we provide these opportunities is that we desire all our students to consider full-time Christian service.


Social Growth

We have designed our school to be as much a family as possible. Our school days are not taken up solely with study. We make time for field trips, parties, and other special events that allow our students to interact socially. Our priority is to teach them how to treat each other with brotherly love, as brothers and sisters in Christ.


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