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About SBBI

Why a Bible institute?

Our Lord's command in the Great Commission to teach "all things whatsoever I have commanded" is a lifelong responsibility to show new believers how to follow Jesus. The goal of this spiritual training is continued propagation of true faith to future generations of believers (2 Tim. 2:2).

StandFast Baptist Bible Institute (SBBI) desires to partner with churches in the Mid-America region by providing their members a source of intensive Biblical instruction that is affordable, academically accessible, and convenient for adults of all ages. We hope that such a resource will encourage churches and believers to "stand fast" on Gods' Word against the evils of our day.

What are the requirements to attend?

In order to participate in StandFast Baptist Bible Institute sessions, you must:

  • Be a member in good standing at a church of like faith and practice.
  • Be active in service in your local church.
  • Be recommended by your pastor.
  • Be in attendance for the sessions you register to attend.
  • Be faithful in completing the course assignments by the assigned due dates.

How does SBBI operate?

SBBI is a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church and is hosted by Amazing Grace Baptist camp, both in Ottawa, KS. As a local church ministry, we have tailored our program to fit the specific needs of people in local churches who are not pursuing a four-year Bible degree from a traditional college or university. We strive to be:

  • AFFORDABLE. A full-time student in our institute can easily pay for tuition without going into debt. Additionally, some scholarship opportunities and discounts may be offered by SBBI, supporting churches, and the camp to lower the cost even more.
  • ACADEMICALLY ACCESSIBLE. Our discussions will not dive into the weeds of obscure theological debates; neither will assignments be overbearing. Our grading emphasis is on completing all assigned work.
  • CONVENIENT. Courses will be taught in four week-long sessions per year. The first session will be in late summer, the second in fall, the third in winter, and the fourth in spring. Full-time students are encouraged to work jobs between sessions, and even career adults in the area can complete our program at a reduced pace by commuting after work and taking night classes.
  • RELATIONAL. We recognize that there are several excellent Bible Institute programs available, including video and self-study formats, but one distinctive of SBBI is an emphasis on face-to-face instructions with live teachers in a traditional classroom setting, along with the opportunities for making new friends and enjoying godly fellowship.

What is the Cost?

The maximum cost to attend SBBI from 2021-2022 is $4,000 for full-time students and $1,600 for evening classes with the early bird deadline. (Late registrants will pay an additional 10%.) The cost for full-time participation covers:

  • Four weeks of instruction during the year.
  • Eight total classes toward a diploma from SBBI (four if taking only evening classes).
  • Grading and support for the service practicum.
  • Time in the afternoons to enjoy seasonal activities at the camp.
  • Room and board at AGBC (dinner meals available for evening students at extra cost).
  • All course materials.

What classes are offered?

SBBI's long-term plans include a two-year Bible study program, with the second year of classes still in development. SBBI currently offers a one-year Diploma in Basic Bible Knowledge that includes the courses listed below. To see the course schedule for the current year, click HERE.

  • Old and New Testament Surveys (2 classes)
  • Overview of Bible Doctrines (3 classes)
  • Biblical Foundations (1 class)
  • Christian Disciplines (1 class)
  • Apologetics (1 class)
  • Service Practicum (1 class done outside of session time)